Maritime Claime Consultancy

We provide various insurance, maritime claims,
and insurance settlement forms for shipowners and
insurers. We also support conflict agreement negotiations,
as well as collecting various guarantees such as joint
damage guarantees and collision guarantees to minimize
client losses early in the accident, find the best solution,
and secure the client's rights for loss and damage.

Ship Settlement

Settlement of joint/single/non-rigid losses, etc. of all ships of the ship type, from small fishing boats to VLCCs.

Cargo Settlement

Cargo settlement of all kinds for the purpose of insurance payment

Liability Claim: Concerning carrier liability

Loss/damage of cargo shipped to the ship

Loss/damage of ships and loaded cargo due to collision

Injured deaths of passengers and crew

Claims related to the following

A Builder's Risk

The Risk of a Ship's Repairman

Offshore Energy Risk

Employment loss

Structural Advisory Service

We have our own special knowledge and experience in the rescue work of ships, especially in the technical calculation of structures, as well as the calculation of reasonable structural costs under certain structural contracts.
Based on our accumulated expertise and experience, we have developed a structural program that takes into account tugging, buoyancy loss, stress, tidal current and wind power calculations. We are confident that our structural report will be of great help not only to rescuers but also to shipowners and insurers in calculating reasonable structural costs.

Marine Accident Claims Advisory and Claims Processing Services

Our settlement and examiner provide the best advisory services on maritime accidents and maritime insurance. We provide the best maritime advice and claim handling services in Korea with combined/linked expertise such as damage assessment, maritime inspection, and structural advice.

Comprehensive Financial Institution Insurance

There are many issues such as whether the legal nature of comprehensive insurance for financial institutions is liability insurance or non-life insurance, the meaning of Soly·Directly in the Fidelity Clause, indemnification due to the notification of the accident, compensation for future loss of profit or indirect damage, how to apply Salvation & Recovery, the concept of Ultimate Net Loss, violation of the obligation to notify, and the limitation of the Climes Cooperation Clause. It has already been established by the Supreme Court that if a securities company compensates for damages to customers caused by operational behavior of securities company employees, it is not subject to comprehensive insurance for financial institutions, and that comprehensive insurance for financial institutions is not liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Regarding professional liability insurance, which guarantees various professionals' (lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, and fund managers), the National Tax Service has accumulated a wealth of litigation experience and information. The existence of a professional's liability entails a legal evaluation of the request for work performed by the professional, so providing legal advice on professional liability insurance can measure the level of legal advice provided by the National Tax Service.

Advisory on rescue operations for ship insurers, rescuers, shipowners, charterers, etc

the counsel of the Marine Safety Tribunal

Warranty Survey of Tidal Power Plants

Appropriateness of interpretation and application of marine insurance policy provisions

Calculation of the ratio of collision negligence and advice to the parties involved in conflict negotiations

Consultation across various maritime accidents and insurance claims

Negotiations on repair costs for foreign shipowners

Consultation on arbitration and disputes

Consultation in the progress of claim negotiations